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The freelance payslip

Over 1 million citizens in the Netherlands opt - or are forced - to be freelancers and, consequently, do not benefit from the advantages of an employer pension. As a result, they are left with a private pension scheme as their only alternative. Choosing a pension however, is perceived as complex because information is hard to find and advice is costly. That is why over 66% of freelancers decide not to acquire a pension, consequently putting themselves and their families at risk.

"When you’re on top of your money, life is good."

We want to support freelancers to focus on building their business without having to compromise their well-being. We want to provide these entrepreneurs with the same comfort that their employed counterparts enjoy, such as employee benefits, whilst maintaining their independence and control over their money.

Therefore, we, together with APG, created FL!P – the freelance payslip. A tool that helps freelancers automatically split the money they receive from their invoices into the right accounts. Think of income tax, VAT, insurance, pension and so on. Saving for pension has never been so accessible and easy for freelancers.