Gemeente Groningen

  • Using blockchain, data can be viewed by everyone, offering complete transparency of the counting votes process

  • Given that all data registered in the ledger will be publicly available it appears to be one of the best tools to verify the election process for society

  • In this Pilot the three processes do not cross each other digitally, because all votes will still be issued on ballot paper with pencil as normal, guaranteeing anonymity of the voter

Counting Votes!

There is evidence that the current election process in the Netherlands is insecure and prone to errors and fraud. In an attempt to improve the security and transparency of democratic elections and prevent errors and fraud from taking place, a software application based on DLT was built in co-creation with the municipality of Groningen, and consulting firm Berenschot

"Blockchain, can be of great value when counting, processing, and aggregating votes."

The solution was designed to count, process, and aggregate vote results and was tested in a Pilot during the referendum of the 21st of March 2018 in Groningen, The Netherlands. To give public accountability of this process, all transactions derived from the ledger were published on website stemmen-telt. This Pilot was based upon the hypothesis that when votes are registered directly on an immutable and transparent database, the trust that society has in democracy will increase.

Based on the results of the pilot, the solution presents itself as a promising, and more reliable, alternative for the current OSV software. More research and testing is needed however to test the projects’ hypothesis that using an immutable and transparent database will increase the trust that society has in democracy.

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