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LAB15 was founded by three creative visionary entrepreneurs with a mission to close the gap between brilliant ideas and their execution. We help organisations unleash their full innovation potential by leveraging emerging technologies. We succeed when our clients feel inspired, energised and confident to break with the past and perceive the future as a blank canvas. We work on the edge of your organisation, where we can explore the full potential of your creativity and the company’s possibilities. We are Atte, Carlos and Joris; nice to meet you! Let’s start exploring - Let’s start innovating.


Unleashing an organisation’s full innovation potential by leveraging emerging technologies, is what we do best. LAB15 guides you through the process of creative destruction to generate new innovative value. This entails going back to the drawing board and challenging the way you work today. Together, we break down legacy before building a new proposition with the use of new technologies. This innovation journey, in which we will guide you every step of the way, from design thinking to experimentation and integration of newly built products, will allow your company to be able to excel in your field. We will help you gain perspective, take action and be successful in an ever-changing world.


In design sprints of 2-4 days, we drill down to identify the root cause of the problems or challenges worth solving. We determine solutions and opportunities and extract the right value proposition worth pursuing. Then the fun begins: we can start focussing on the solution and the ultimately design of a product; a product that enables your company to bridge the gap between the new ideas and the execution. By rapid prototyping we build the product we designed together with you, only a week after we finished phase 1. This quick experimentation phase, allows you to learn and iterate at a fast pace. The result of this startup way of working has proven to be successful time and time again. From there onwards we can iterate on the product one sprint at a time, until we have a MVP. Eventually, our goal is to provide you with a new product that helps you to unleash your company’s full innovation potential.


Great transformations/changes occur when relevance, insight and vision meet. Working side-by-side, with a deep and thorough understanding of your business and its challenges, we will help you get a grasp on the positive impact emerging technologies can have on your organisation. We inspire and motivate you to experiment. We educate and bring the entrepreneurial mindset to life. We build products that prove emerging technology’s viability.

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